Presentations from 10th Annual Alumni in Energy Conference

Modernizing America’s Electricity Infrastructure (Book available on Amazon)

  • Mason Willrich ‘54 - Former Chair, CAISO

Making Hawaii’s Grid 100% Renewable

  • Constance Lau ‘74 - CEO, Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. 

Defining the 21st Century Electric Industry:  Puerto Rico is Ground Zero

  • Scott Hempling ‘78, Scott Hempling Law, Advisor to Puerto Rico Energy Commission

Energy Efficiency for the Machine (the Gigafactory) that Makes the Machine

  • Jacob Miller ‘07, Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Tesla

Innovative Carbon Reduction

Carbon Reduction Via Agriculture

  • Howard Newman ‘69, ‘69 MA - CEO Pine Brook Road Partners

Carbon into Ethanol

  • Staff Sheehan ‘13 MA, ‘16 PhD - President, Catalytic Innovations, LLC

Energy Storage Technology Development

  • Ken Brown ‘69, CEO of Safe Hydrogen

Blockchain in Energy Management

  • Wendy Holland ‘91, Holland Associates
  • Jeffrey Katz ‘89 PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Energy and Utilities Industry IBM

Renewable Energy:  Market Update, Politics, and Investing Opportunities

  • Thomas Emmons ‘69, Partner at Pegasus Capital

Energy Future

  • Matt Rogers ‘89 MBA, Senior Partner, McKinsey, and former Senior Adviser to US Secretary of Energy